Political is ready to assist you with any size job, from a small press conference, rally, or policy speech, to the inauguration of the President.

We are expert problem solvers, having over 30 years experience in interfacing and working with advance staff, event planners, security teams (including local police and the U.S. Secret Service), facility personnel and a myriad of others involved in political events.
From our custom vehicles and on-board inventory, we supply crystal clear audio, broadcast quality lighting, staging, drapery, power distribution, crowd control barriers, press feeds, backdrops, podiums, moving lights, carpeting, signage, communications, generators, and much more!

Our clients have an unsurpassed comfort level because we own all of our equipment and because of the experience and expertise of our staff. Other companies usually sub-contract portions of the event and therefore are dependent on equipment and people they are unfamiliar with.

We specialize in turnkey event production.

Vehicle Fleet

Our specialty grip trucks are the best in the business. The trucks are fully stocked and ready to roll, and our response time is second to none. Our vehicles are outfitted with all of the ...
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Political Productions specializes in providing large screen video indoors and outdoors for: Image Magnification (I-MAG), DVD playback and remote satellite feeds. Our extensive inventory also includes; camera packages, switchers, LED Screens, video walls, and video ...
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Political uses StageRight staging exclusively. StageRight is known for quick set up, safety features, durability, and handsome looks. We use it regularly for stages, press platforms, seating risers, camera platforms and VIP seating sections ...
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Podiums and Lecturns

One aspect clients enjoy is the use of our specialized equipment, such as our Presidential Podiums built to replicate the exact look and size of the podiums actually used by the sitting President of the ...
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Power Distribution

Political knows that the last thing you ever want to be troubled with is power distribution. Other companies will make excuses such as "The venue doesn't have adequate power," or "How are you going ...
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Political is the trusted name in broadcast quality lighting to get the desired look utilizing our full line of state-of-the-art LED lighting packages. If you don't look good on TV, you don't look good ...
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Large Format Printing

Political Productions offers Large-Format Printing in a variety of sizes for multi-purpose and functionality... the finest quality, vibrant color reproduction and fast delivery at an unbeatable price! We specialize in Digital Dye Sublimation and Digital ...
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Our 15’ x 25’ inflatable with an American flag on one side, and the other side ready for your message banner is just one of the many custom items that we can produce for your ...
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Drapery and Backdrops

Political is concerned with how your entire event looks, so we have all of the finishing touches. Use our presidential blue or black velour drapery to cordon off sections, provide elegant curtains behind stages, ...
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Crowd Control

Political solves your crowd control problems with “bike-rack” barricades. Our barricades have rubber feet for indoor or outdoor use. All barricades lock together easily, and they are lightweight and easy to transport. The “bike-rack” ...
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Confetti and Streamers

Our staff has extensive experience working with confetti and streamers, and more importantly we know how to correctly implement these effects in a political environment. In the hundreds of political events we've been involved with, ...
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Communication is key, and Political has you covered with industry leading communication devices from Motorola. Choose your earpiece, choose your headpiece, and Political will make it happen ...
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Political uses high-quality Electro-Voice speakers and Digital mixing consoles. For microphones, we utilize Shure vocal mics and the latest top-of-the-line Shure wireless microphones systems, the finest in the business. That means exceptional clarity and ...
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Advance Classes

Your advance personnel are one of the most critical aspects of your team. An effective Advance Person: Is prepared for every contingency. Is a master of all event aspects: security, press, and especially audio visual ...
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